I’m Back

OK, I’ve been gone too long, my bad. But, I’m back.

After a long vacation, where I skied my ass off, but also partially collapsed a lung and bruised my ribs, I’ve returned. (There is no video of my brutal crash, ’cause I’d share it if there was. It was a YouTube worth wipeout. It was nasty. 🙂 )

Sorry for the dry spell all. No excuse. My brilliant and impressive sales peers did a great job of filling in for me while I was out beating my body into oblivion.  So,  a mad shout and props to them.

If you missed any of their straight-up wisdom, go check out the last 5 posts, they are worth the read.

As always, thanks for being the best sales community on the planet.

You’re all badasses in my book.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.