How many new ideas do you have in day, a week, a month or a year that you DON’T act on that would — get more sales, make life easier around the house, make a great new business,  be a great book,  beat the competition, save money, improve the neighborhood, make a great product, improve meeting effectiveness, eliminate the silos, speed up the process, make customers happier, limit the defects, shorten the sales cycle, sell more product, lower prices?

How many great ideas do you let get away?

Ideas are how we make a mark on family, neighborhoods, work, communities, countries, the world.   Without ideas, it’s difficult to leave a mark.  Without leaving a mark have we really existed?

Ideas are a gift.  They come to us to make things better.  Ideas are our way to contribute, to share, to make a difference.

How many ideas have you not acted on in the past?     How many are you NOT going to act on in the future?

The answer will determine your mark.