I Wear Pink Ski Goggles.

I’ve worn pink ski goggles for over 7 years now.  Why?  I thought the pink was really frickin’ cool.

How many men do you know wear pink ski goggles? Based on my statistically inaccurate poll, taken from the ski lifts every year the answer is;

-Men over 30: zero

-Men (Boys) under 30 a few hundred and the number seems to be increasing year over year.

Every year at least one of my ski school clients asks if they are my wife’s goggles and if I forgot mine at home. –Nope!

I wear them and continue to wear them because I like them.  I think they are fun, cool and different. I don’t feel compelled to wear what everyone expects.

I try to wear pink goggles in other areas of my life as well. I try to wear them when I consult, and when I’m marketing my company. I wore them when I worked for my past employers. Wearing pink goggles is hard, but I try to wear them as often as I can.

When we wear pink goggles we don’t allow ourselves to be influenced by the status-quo.  By wearing pink goggles we are walking our own path, open to the unseen, the possible, the unique, the new, the different and the unproven.  It takes courage to wear pink goggles.  It makes OTHERS uncomfortable. It challenges what they believe to be the expected and the norm.  Pink goggles puts people on their heels. (I still get heat from a lot of my friends, my most conservative friends, surprised?) However, wearing pink goggles also inspires people, it makes them smile, it frees them. When we wear pink goggles we can’t help but affect people and that changes everything.

When I’m not wearing pink goggles, I never seem to be as successful. I don’t achieve as much. When I’m not wearing pink goggles success seems to require more work and more effort. The greatest successes I’ve had have come when I have my pink goggles on.

Do you wear pink goggles?  How often? Do you notice the difference?  I sure do.

Wear pink goggles tomorrow and see if you feel a difference.  I bet you do.



I wear smiley faces on my knees as well. 😉

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