I Want Doers

I want a doer.  I want people who get stuff done. I want people who know how to get from point A to point B.  I want people who, when given direction, take it and make it their own. I figure, if I have to give specific, step by step instructions, I might as well do it myself and I don’t need that person.

I want doers because they bring their own style and approach to getting things done. Doers don’t come with excuses. Doers don’t blame. Doers embrace challenge and adversity. Doers don’t say I can’t.

When I hire sales people, I look for doers.  I encourage my clients to look for doers.  Doers get things done! Doers are easy to spot.

Doers look like this;

  • They learn to code because they wanted build a website
  • They worked two jobs in college and didn’t go on spring break, so they could spend 6 months back-packing in Europe on their OWN money.
  • They started a non-profit to raise money for diabetes because their cousin died of the disease
  • They brought Pop-Warner football to their neighborhood because it wasn’t there
  • They organized a rally to stop the development of a local park
  • They were the first person in their entire family to graduate from H.S. AND college
  • They started a lawn moving business in 8th grade and kept it through H.S.
  • They’ve been blogging everyday for 3 years
  • They are a volunteer fireman and have been for 5 years
  • They give 3 hours of their time a week to their church and have since they were 12
  • They learned carpentry to build their daughter a doll house
  • They are learning to sail, because they want to sail around the world when they retire
  • They took a gourmet cooking class to impress their “hope to be” spouse

Doers just do. They see opportunity and go for it. They measure themselves on the end result, not their effort.  Doers are people who get incredible things done when no one is watching.

Hire doers!

(this post is not to be confused with my earlier post, Don’t Hire Doers. Yes, I am aware of the apparent contradiction. What the heck, it keeps things interesting.)