I Voted!

I voted yesterday.  I almost didn’t.  I forgot to send in my mail in ballot and therefore had to go to my local polling place.  I started seeing it as a hassle and felt it wouldn’t make a difference.  I almost succumbed to apathy — almost.

I then reminded myself that when I was born (1968) many people who looked like me couldn’t vote in U.S.   I reminded myself that people kill and were killed for the right to vote.  Most importantly, I believe in voting and not doing so would go against my own beliefs — so I voted.

Voting is the way we participate in government.  To not vote is the equivalent of abdication.  I’m not OK with that.   So I voted.

I was asked a great question yesterday.  “Which is worse, ignorance or apathy.”   I thought it was a good question.  At first I thought ignorance.  As I thought about it further, I changed my mind.  It’s apathy.  When apathy is present people just don’t care.  You can’t mobilize the apathatic.  Ignorance can be addressed.  You can educate the ignorant.

Whether or not I can be called ignorant remains to be seen, but I can’t be called apathetic.  I voted!