I Know! — It’s Not Your Fault

I played football in H.S. I was pretty good. I was often in the newspaper. My grandfather lived just a few houses down the street from us. He was a huge sports fan. He would read about me in the paper on Sunday’s after the game. I think it made him proud.

During one particular week in the season, like a shit head, I skipped school. I got caught and was suspended for that Saturday’s football game.  I had to stand on the sidelines, in my game jersey, no pads and watch. It sucked.  It was hard. We lost the game.

The next day, I walked down to my grandfathers house. As usual, he was reading the Sunday Paper. I walked in and started some small talk. He just looked at me and asked; “What happened?”

Apparently, my absence on the field was a bigger deal than I thought. The paper made a point to report I did not play due to a suspension.

I asked my grandfather what he was talking about, knowing clear well what he was asking me.

He looked at me and asked again. “What happened?”

Just as I was about to explain what happened, my grandfather blurted out; “Wait! Don’t tell me. I know. It was your coaches fault!”

I looked at him puzzled and wondered to myself. What is he talking about?

I said; “No, it wasn’t the coach’s fault.

He then said, “Wait, I know! It was your teacher’s fault!”

He paused and then said, “No, it was your buddy’s fault!”

He took a quick breath and quickly said; “It was the school’s fault!”

He then paused again.  He looked at me for just a brief second, but not long enough for me to get anything out and said; “Don’t tell me! I’ll get it!  Because, I know it wasn’t your fault!”

I’ll never, ever, ever forget that day.

So, when you don’t make quota. When you lose the big deal, when you miss the RFP deadline, when you don’t make enough cold calls, when you don’t make Presidents Club, when you lose your best client, when the demo doesn’t go well, when your presentation bombs, don’t worry about it. I know! — It’s not your fault!