I Don’t Like Sales People

If I had a dime for every person who said they didn’t like sales people I wouldn’t have to sell for a living.

What’s interesting about this statement is people actually like sales people, in fact, I would argue they love sales people; good sales people. It’s bad sales people that generate such ire.

Bad sales people don’t sell they;
-don’t listen
-use fear
-have their own agenda
-are inauthentic

Effective sales people sell, they
-are truthful
-ask questions
-seek to understand
-respond to YOUR agenda
-support YOU
-authentically influence
-are experts

Bad sales people are in it for themselves, while good sales people are in it for you.

We like good sales people. They solve our problems, they provide information we don’t have, they have expertise we need. Good sales people make our lives easier.

It’s not sales people we dislike it’s bad sales people we can’t stand and it’s deservedly so.