How to Know if You are GREAT at What You Do

Are you GREAT at what you do?  How do you know?


The Doer:

The Doer delivers. They meet or exceed expectations regularly. The Doers meet quota, achieve goals, execute and deliver consistently.  The Doers are the backbone to work. The Doers go the extra mile. They have a phenomenal command of the craft. The Doers apply industry known rules and information better than anyone. We rely on the Doers to get things done, run our businesses, sell our products and to move things forward.  The Doers are the engine to work. Doers are good, just not great.

The Innovator:

The Innovator advances the craft. The Innovator brings an intellectual understanding and critique to the craft. The Innovator creates new, alternative processes, methods and approaches. The Innovator dissects current processes and methods looking for ways to improve. The Innovator isn’t happy with the status quo. Innovators add efficiency, accelerate delivery, reduce risk, improve outcomes, minimize latency, and more.  Innovators effect the craft as a whole, not just its delivery.

Innovators don’t deliver. They don’t actually do the work. Innovators are solely focused on advancing or improving the craft, not actually doing it. Innovators are good, just not great.

The Useless:

The Useless are just that, useless.  They can’t deliver and they don’t advance the craft. The Useless are unable to make their goals, don’t improve processes or approaches.  The Useless bring little value. Need I say more?

The Great:

The Great are a rare breed. The Great innovate AND deliver. The Great is the heart surgeon who has a 100% success rate AND created a new procedure to do the surgery that was less invasive and shortened recovery time by weeks.  The Great not only deliver but look to deliver better by innovating.  The Great use innovation to be even better.

The Great are hard to come by. The Great are comfortable doing the work and disrupting the system at the same time. The Great have tremendous vision for what they do. They see what exists as a path to creating more. The Great are creators and executors and attack the craft in that manner. The Great have tremendous command of what exists. They leverage that knowledge and command to push the craft to new levels. The Great don’t accept what exists and are dedicated to expanding their craft to make it better.

Are you a Doer, an Innovator or Great?