How to Hire “A” Players

I’ve just finished my new eBook. It took me a lot longer to finish than I wanted, but now that it is done, I’m very happy with it.

Building a successful sales team goes through people. Sales is more challenging than it’s ever been. Therefore, it’s more critical than ever to have the best people working for you and with you.  

Challenging customers, assessing complex businesses and selling processes, solving complex problems, developing sophisticated selling strategies, executing robust account plans are all the actions of “A” sales players.

Hiring the best people possible is hard. Finding sales people who can do the above and do it well is the most difficult part of running a sales organization. Those who can figure it out however, win.

Successful sales organizations have the best sales people. Just like a sports team, success comes from the players on the field. Being able to identify and hire the best players is a critical element in the success of a sales organization.

How to Hire “A” Players gives you the tools and insight to cut through the crap and identify the best players for your organization. Sales people are talented at selling, it’s what they do. This makes it harder to see what you are actually getting. I’ve spoken with more sales leaders who lament about being “sold” by a sales person, who once hired, couldn’t deliver.

I’ve had my share of bad hires. They kill momentum. They hurt the culture. They prevent goals from being met. Adding bad hires to an organization can suck the life out of an otherwise productive team.

How to Hire “A” Players will help you minimize the probability of hiring the wrong person and increase the probability you get the next killer sale person.

This quote from the book “Who?” sums it up best.

“An A Player is a candidate who has at least a 90% chance of achieving a set of outcomes only 10% of possible candidates could achieve.”

How many “A” players do you have?

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