How to Get a Prospect to Call You Back

I’ve just released my new ebook, INTRIGUE, The Only Thing You Need for a Successful Cold Call.

Despite online arguments that cold calling is dead, cold calling is still absolutely critical to prospecting in B2B sales.  

Successful cold calling requires messages that capture your prospects attention and motivates them to call you back.

In this ebook, I break down the science behind capturing people’s attention and how our brain is designed to tune some things out, while focusing on other things.

Leveraging the science behind our attention spans, I share the 411 on:

  1. What it takes to capture our attention
  2. What the ACC is and why it’s a sales persons best friend
  3. The knowledge gap and how it creates curiosity
  4. How to create messages that get your prospects attention
  5. How to improve the success of your cold calling campaign

The book is free, you can download it here.  And, don’t blame me if all of sudden you can’t keep up with the call backs.


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