Hight Profit Selling

I follow Mark Hunter on Twitter and have for quite sometime. I RT his stuff often. If you follow me on Twitter, I’m sure you’ve found a post of his from my Twitter stream.

Mark is launching a new book today. It’s called High Profit Selling. I’m looking forward to reading it.

I’m one chapter in and I already like where Mark is going. His premise, not playing the price game requires letting your customers define value of your product or service not you. I think Mark is right on this.

An early quote I liked a lot sums up what we need to do to avoid playing the price game:

Value is what the customer believes it is, not what the salesperson thinks it is.

In today’s world maximizing revenue is absolutely critical. Playing the price game undermines our ability to get the most for our products and services. If you could learn one skill that could increase your average sale price by 20%, what would you pay for that skill?  I bet more than the 16 dollars a copy  of High Profit Selling costs.

Go pick up a copy of Mark’s book. It’ll make it rain up in here . . .