Hey Sales People, What Do You See in This Headline? [It should be a lot]

What do you know about your industry? What do you know about your industries technology adoption, use cases, issues, challenges, trends and mandates?

I came across a cloud computing article today with this headline:

Cloud computing passing many small firms, . . . survey finds

A rather innocuous headline, but it was the subheadline that really got my attention; FEW small businesses are taking advantage of cloud computing technology, but many who do say they have seen their revenues rise in the past year, a new study has found.

The money quote came after the “but.”  I couldn’t help but think to myself, if I were in cloud computing, this article would be gold. A study that shows those who adopt cloud computing have seen their revenue rise is gold to a cloud sales person. If the second half of the quote is the money quote, then the first part is topping on the cake; “few small business are taking advantage of cloud computing.” This statement just makes the second statement blow up. There is so much a sales person can do with this headline.

Here is what I see;

  • For small business that hasn’t adopted cloud computing they are leaving money on the table.
  • For small business that hasn’t adopted cloud computing they are giving up a competitive advantage
  • For a small business that hasn’t adopted cloud computing their expenses are higher than they need to be
  • There is huge opportunity for early adopters and first movers
  • There is a big market waiting to be educated
  • The small businesses who aren’t moving potentially lack the appropriate knowledge to improve their business
  • There is a large market of small business owners who need an education and the information to feel good to move to cloud
  • The market is RIPE for informed, consultative, teaching oriented sales people

These are all sales opportunities. What do you see in the headline?  Do you see any I missed?

Having this type of industry information is gold. Understanding how your customers and your customers competition are using what you sell and the impact is has on their business is extremely valuable information. It moves you away from price and product discussions and towards solution, business oriented discussions.

Anyone in cloud computing should follow up on this article and get their hands on the study. It could be mean the difference between quota and failure.


How do you find this type of information for your industry?
Do you have a process that pushes info like this to you?
How much of your selling approach relies on having and attaining this type of knowledge?