HELP!!! – This Poor Sales Person Can’t Sell!

It’s not uncommon for me to get emails requesting help from sales people or sales leaders. But, I got one this morning and I felt terrible for this person. They are dying on the vine and are desperate to break the sales code and start selling before they give up entirely.  You can feel this person’s frustration and agony. They are clearly not happy. There is nothing worse than not liking your job. It sucks having to get up everyday to go to a job you don’t like.

In an effort to help I responded with my two cents this morning and I thought this community could provide this sales person with some killer advice as well. It would be a shame if this sales person quit before they felt, what the rest of us know, and that is what it is like to crush it for prospects and make the sale, again and again.

Here is the email I received this morning. What advice do you have?

Dear Keenan,

I am “S”, I have been in inside sales and marketing for 2 years and have not made any sale till now. I was a fresher right out of MBA and was not sure if I have it in me at all to sell any product.

The problem still persists.

The product that I am selling/marketing is a software product for Automotive, Aerospace, Networking and educational sectors.

I am losing my confidence and also creating a lack of interest in my day to day life.

Kindly help me to make my work more fun and how I can make a sale before I am totally exhausted.

Thank you,

Let’s see if we can save a fellow sales rookie from deserting this fine and noble profession . . . ah shit! Let’s just help the poor cat out!

What say ye? What should this rookie do?