Hear the Suck Job? I Can!

Social media is changing things and doing a pretty good job. Seth Godin talked the other day about how the days of the single reviewer or influencer is over. The idea that a pitchman or woman has so much clout the can make a movie, or a book, or club into a hit seems to be coming to an end. The network, the social network is talking over that job and it seems to me, they are doing a pretty good job.

The average guy and gal definitely have more power than ever; however the old boys club remains stronger than ever is some areas.

Just recently A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) of the Yankees was called out for using steroids. I think he did the right thing to come clean and admit to it. It will probably taint any records he achieves and that’s too bad, because he truly is a great talent.

What I thought was most interesting however is what Bud Selig, Baseballs reigning commissioner said about the news; Alex has “shamed the game” Alex Shamed the game? Alex is one person, representing himself and at best the Yankees. Bud Selig however, has been baseballs commissioner since 1992 and has presided over what has been called Baseballs “Steroid Era”. Where is Selig’s ownership? As the Commissioner of Major League Baseball, Bud Selig is as guilty for steroids use in baseball as every player who used them.

The closed, tightly held old boy institutions are holding on to power with both hands. They are reaching down into the organizations to place blame and wash themselves of accountability. From Selig to the Bank CEO’s accepting TARP funds, the junk is sliding off them like they are made of Teflon, while everyone around them are paying the price.

This is a leadership issue. If their boards, peers or industry won’t hold them accountable, maybe their own conscience should.

We have a major leadership vacuum in this county and it sucking the life out of this country everyday. It’s time for a change of guard!