Has Sales Become More Complex?

That’s the question posed by Gary Hart, President of Sales Dujour on his Focus Roundtable.

I participated in the discussion with some pretty smart sales thought leaders:  Anthony Iannarino, Bill Binch, Eric Blumthal and Sharon Drew Morgen.

It was a good discussion.  Here are some of the quotes and sound bytes I thought were most valuable:

Avoid weapons of mass distraction

facilitating the buyer journey helps sales people get engaged earlier and more effectively

80% of our prospects will choose a product similar to ours, but it will take them 2 years to figure out their needs

build playbooks with “plays” you run against the things you sell against, the pains your customer will face

It’s not about the sales process anymore, its about the buying process.

information is not power. info is only powerful if you know how to translate it into value for the customer

You can’t hide behind a crappy product anymore

Sales Managers need to sit next to the Product Manager

Business “Acumen” more critical for #sales people – they have to be business people first

not only should sales people become comfortable with change but should be teaching change

anyone can make things more complex. it takes a touch of genius to make things simpler

You can listen to the MP3 here.  If you sell for a living or are a manager, it’s worth your time.

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