Greatness is NOT an Accident

The chasm between good and great is giant.  The chasm between being great and being the best is even bigger and I am constantly reminded of this. Yesterday was one of those days.  I stumbled on this video of a Jonny Moseley’s dry land workout. It’s amazing.

Jonny won gold in the 1998 Olympics for mogul skiing. He pioneered the sport with his heli, iron cross, grab.  Jonny was the best in the world at what he did.

I think about what it takes to achieve greatness often and have posted about it on this blog. Greatness is no accident. Whether it be a great athlete, a great sales person, a great spouse, or a great parent, achieving greatness is hard work.

I am inspired by greatness, not because of what the great have attained, but because it becomes clearer to me everyday, what it takes for them to get there.



This is is Jonny’s gold medal run in Nagano.  No one had ever done the heli, iron cross in competition before him.  GREATNESS


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