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Meet Rob Sader and his family, he is an active member of this community. He’s been a regular here for awhile. Like most of you, I’ve yet to meet him in person, but I’ve always appreciated his comments and engagement here at A Sales Guy.

Rob has beautiful family, two adorable daughters and a rock of a wife. The other day Rob sent me an email asking if I’d help him and his family out. Rob and his wife are a special couple. They are the parents of two down-syndrom babies. One is their natural child and the other is adopted. Regan and Lucy appear to be two spunky little girls.

The Saders have decided they have more love to give and are adopting another child. Her name is Charity. She also has Down-Syndrome. She currently lives in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. Children with special needs in former Soviet bloc countries are often given very little love and even less touching. It’s sad.

These are few pics of the beautiful little lady.

I was adopted and understand what gift it is to have someone give their love to a parentless child.

I’d like to help the Sader’s bring Charity home. I’d like to challenge this community to raise 1,000 dollars. I will match 50% of the total this community raises. Let’s show the Sader’s what a bunch of wild, kickass sales people can do.

You see that red “ChipIn” widget in the sidebar. Just click, ChipIn and donate, 10, 20, 50, 100 dollars. What every you feel you can give. I’ll leave the widget there for one month or until the goal is hit. If we hit it quickly, then we’ll just have to raise it. Let’s make this a quota we DON’T miss.

You can read more about the Sader Family and their journey to bring Charity home here: The 21st Chromosome – A Blessing in Disguise

Thanks in advance to everyone who is a part of the A Sales Guy Community, ya’ll kill it!!!

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