Give Your Client the Heisman


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Tim Kocher, over at Sales and Marketing Mashup, had a great post the other day.  In it he talks about firing your prospects. He is spot on!

As sales people our job is to bring value to our prospects.  If we can’t bring value OR if they won’t let us, it’s time to give them the Heisman.   Move on, stand tall, say no thanks and focus on prospects who see the value your company brings.

Wasting time selling to prospects that don’t get it steals valuable selling time.   Selling something to your prospect they don’t need is sales suicide.  Not being someones sales bitch gives you the strength to stop chasing bad deals afraid you won’t make your number.

The most sophisticated sales people know when to say when.  They know the difference between a good deal and a bad deal.  They aren’t anyones sales bitch.  They save their prospects time and money by letting them know when their product or service isn’t a good fit.   The best sales people give their prospects the Heisman and are all the better for it.


A Sales Guy Dictionary:  “The Heisman” -to reject, act of blowing someone off , to walk away, a play on the trophy’s pose and outstretched arm, pushing would be clowns away.

Don’t waste time on the clowns.


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