Get Your Hustle On! [Sales Advice]

Around 12:30 today my doorbell rang. I wasn’t expecting anyone, so it was odd for a Sunday.

I open the door, my 3 daughters are huddled around my legs. Standing on my porch are two little girls. They were about 5 and 8.

The wanted us to know they had a lemonade stand just around the corner.  They were hustling! Not like a pool shark “hustle,” but the “bust your ass” and make it happen hustle.

They weren’t content  with walk-by or drive-by  traffic. The were going out and getting customers.

I don’t know if traffic was slow and they needed to make it happen or if they just wanted to sell more lemonade but their hustle worked. We bought 3 for a $1.50.

Those who hustle always win.

Get your hustle on, the little kids in my neighborhood do.