Get Your Head Back

There were 15 inches of fresh new snow at Vail today. It’s April 4th, yet the snow was at your thighs. It was like skiing in January.

It was an epic day, yet I wasn’t enjoying it. My skiing was terrible. I couldn’t make a turn. Old habits were creeping in. It was a mess. My head just wasn’t in it.

Getting my head back

Getting my head back

About noon time, it hit me. This was most likely my last day on skis until next season. I’ve got 15 inches fresh powder under my feet, and I’m in Vail Back Bowls; time to get my head back. In Blue Sky Basin skiing the trees, we came to a cliff. Ten to twelve foot drop. After a little quiet self discussion, I launched. POOF! I land in the softest 3 feet of snow. I got my head back!

In sales it’s easy to get out of it. The brutal sales call can sneak up on us. We’ve all experienced a pipeline beating. When these things happen it’s usually cause we’ve lost our head. When you lose your head stop, think about it and do what you need to get it back.

What do you do to get your head back . . . if there isn’t a cliff near by.