Get Some Little Wins

We spend a lot of time focusing on the end goal; making quota, getting funding, the promotion, the awards, closing the big deal, etc. The end is important. It’s good to focus on.

The path to the end is predictable. It requires smaller wins. Smaller wins are the successes that get us to the big win. It’s the critical accomplishments along the way. It’s getting to the impossibly elusive CEO. It’s saving a deal from the clutches of a loss. It’s making the 100 cold calls a day for a week and STILL getting the proposal done. It’s getting the speaking gig. It’s nailing the VC presentation. It’s building the pipeline to 5x instead of 4x. It’s implementing the new cadence. It’s hiring the killer new sales person. It’s letting your seasoned veteran go because you knew it was time.

Getting to the end goal requires a lot of little wins. Little wins are like wind to our sails. They propel us towards our goal. They give us momentum. We can’t get the big wins without the little wins.

Get a 3 little wins a day. ┬áIt’ll get you the big win.