Future Selling Institute

The Future Selling Institute is a new informational, content rich, sales leadership site just launched by David Brock and S. Anthony Iannarino.

Anthony and David describe the Future Selling Institute this way:

The Future Selling Institute is a training, personal development, and peer networking community focused on helping sales leaders, managers and executives achieve the highest levels of personal performance, career growth, and to help them address tough issues in leading and developing their sales organizations . . . after conversations with hundreds of people involved in sales leadership.   The challenge these people expressed was finding a high quality resource dedicated to the sales leader, focusing on issues of leadership, management, and personal development.

I like the concept of this community.   The goal is to bring sales leaders together and tackle the issues and challenges they face everyday.  There are tons on “sales” resources out there.  Most of them focus on selling, the sales process and the role of the individual contributor.  Focusing on the sales leader is filling a niche.

I’m excited to watch the Future Selling Institute mature and grow.  I think it has tremendous value, not only for sales leaders, but also for small business owners, CEO’s, COO’s, entrepreneurs and start-up teams.   Sales leadership directly impacts revenue.   It impacts customers, profit, margin and more.   David and Anthony are on to something and it’s going to be fun to watch.

The guys are doing a Web Conference to launch Future of Selling Institute on Monday the 14th.  To learn more and how it can help you and your organization register here.

Disclosure:  The guys were crazy enough to ask me to be an advisor; I accepted.

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