Some things just take too long than they need to. I call this friction. There is friction everywhere. One of the best examples of friction is Internet on airplanes. There is no reason every airplane isn’t Internet equipped. Airplanes are the perfect Internet environment. Hundreds of people trapped for extended periods of time with nothing to do. The majority of flyers are business flyers who would gladly pay 10-25 dollars a flight to stay connected. There is no reason Internet isn’t on every plane.

Friction is the excuses, the resistance, the concern that comes with the fear of failure. Friction is when something so clearly needed, desired and available just can’t get traction. Friction is the enemy of innovation and change.

Friction is the default state of every environment. Friction has to be moved and doesn’t just go away. The driven, enlightened, innovative and the creative are the enemies of friction. Flood your surroundings with those things that prevent friction. Without them it’s like running on a treadmill. You’re getting tired, but you aren’t going anywhere. And . . . you certainly aren’t getting an Internet connection on your next flight.

Rid yourself of friction.