Drive By Selling is Dead. It’s all About Scale


Remember the old days of drive by selling? You’d roll up on a prospect, (by phone, or car, or email or direct mail piece) and hit them up with why your company, service and product was the shit and why they needed to buy it. Drive by selling was successful because there was nothing else. All you had was perseverance, a keenly refined message, some slick, glossy product sheets, a “special deal” of day, and maybe a demo. It was a hustle. There was very little selling support. Content mattered very little and everything went through the sales person.

Things have changed. Drive by selling is just about dead. Buyers have shut down to product centric, interrupting messages. Rolling up with a “hey check me out, I’m the shit” doesn’t connect with buyers. It pisses them off. They are too busy. They know more than you in many cases. They know what is out there. They know what their options are. Finding you, products and services like your’s isn’t difficult. Selling requires more now.

Selling requires content, content that educates and teaches. Selling requires tools and information that sell when you aren’t there. I’m not talking about a static website that does what drive by selling used to do. I’m talking about substantial, educational, informative content that your buyers can use. Selling today requires framing your buyers world. It requires capturing their attention when you are nowhere to be found. It requires selling when you are at the beach, with another customer, using the bathroom, sleeping, doing a blog post or recording your next video. Selling today needs to scale. Selling today HAS to happen when you aren’t selling.

The drive by sale is dead. It’s all about scale and scale comes from content, content that actually means something.

Are you still drive by selling?