Don’t Waste Your Time with Goals in 2013

Everyone has goals. It’s what we do, we set goals for the new year.

The thing is, goals are nothing with out commitment.  Commitment is what is behind all successful efforts. Any goal that can be made without commitment isn’t a goal at all. The key is to find something worth committing to and commit.

Commit doesn’t mean quit when it gets hard. Commit doesn’t mean to stop, when you know longer know what to do. Commit doesn’t mean to give up when it gets hard. Commit means you don’t stop. It means you look for new ways when the current approach doesn’t seem to be working. Commit means you don’t stop or quit, ever. Commitment means you make it a priority every day.

Commitment is personal. Commitment requires we put skin in the game. It requires a piece of who we are. When we truly commit, it’s not longer about the goal, other people, the job or our career, it’s about us and the only thing we lose if we quit — is a piece of ourselves.

Commit yourself in 2013, truly commit. It’s the only way true growth and change happen.