Don’t Sell Scared (The 4 Steps to Being a Badass)

The most destructive emotion a sales person can have is fear.

Fear will kill a deal in two seconds. Fear will drop the price of your product or solution 30% in the blink of an eye.  Fear is the nemesis of good sales organizations.  When sales people sell afraid, they are out of control.  To avoid selling with fear:

(a)                  Build enough value in what your selling so the customer is the one that has more to lose

(b)                  Have a healthy pipeline so not everything relies on one deal

(c)                  Don’t need the commission check (have money in the bank)

(d)                  Know you are a good sales person

Selling scared is a train wreck.  Your customers and prospects can smell it.  You lack confidence, you don’t hold your own and your customers go for blood. Value, solutions, and anything productive gets lost in the feeding frenzy of reducing price out of fear you’re gonna lose the deal. Don’t be a train wreck. Know the value you bring to the table and stand tall, because if you don’t, selling scared will crush you.

Don’t sell scared!