Don’t Make Big Changes?

You want big changes at work, with your customers, or at home? Don’t make one big change, change a lot of little things.

Creating change for the better is rarely accomplished by changing one big thing. It’s done by changing a lot of little things. Lots of little changes add up to big change.

Changing one big thing puts too much pressure on the change. We’re asking too much of one effort, if it fails, there is no back up and we can’t make more than one BIG change at at time. It’s too hard.

We can make lots of little changes. Lot’s of little changes have¬†tentacles that reach out and effect a lot of other little things and all those little things become really big things.

If you want to make big changes for 2012. Don’t make a big change. Make lots of little changes the rest will take care of itself.

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