Don’t Build a Sales Organization. Build a Teaching Organization!

You want to know where the biggest opportunity for sales growth is today? Do you want to know what is the one short thing you can do to blow out your numbers and crush the competition?

It’s to turn your sales organization in to a teaching organization.

Times have changed and so has your job.  As a sales leader it used to be you had to build a sales organization that could sell by telling, pitching and closing.

But those days are gone.  Over.

Telling is not selling.  No one wants to be pitched.  And closing will happen by itself if the sales person sells right.  Here’s the deal.

Let me drop some mad wisdom on you:

  • There is way too much information on the web.
  • Your customers and prospects are way too busy to waste their time on a “pitch”.
  • In most cases they’re 50-60% through the buying cycle before they’re even talking with one of your sales people.

It’s a different world my friend.  The days of talking AT your client are over. 

Today sales people have to be able to teach their customers and prospects.  They have to be able to educate them.  And as a sales leader it’s YOUR job to teach them how to do that.  You have to build a teaching organization.  You have to build a sales organization that has more information than your customers AND your competitors.  You have to build a team that can teach their customers and prospects something they didn’t know.  Like: how to solve a unique set of problems.  What solutions may be available to them.  What risks lay in wait.  Where the market is going and more….

You have to build a sales organization that is known for its tremendous knowledge and insight—- not its product expertise.  If you want to have a sales organization that can kick ass and win in todays selling world, stop building “selling” teams and start building “teaching” teams because THAT’S where the win is.