Don’t Be a Jerk! Message to Prospects

I get it, sales people can be difficult. They’re tenacious, they push, they challenge, they are relentless. But that doesn’t mean you can be a jerk.

I’ve experienced and seen my share of prospects who viciously lay into sales people.  They yell at them.  They are rude to them.  The become irritated when they call.  They avoid their phone calls.  They don’t respond to their emails, etc.  There isn’t a sales person on the planet, who doesn’t have a good story of abuse suffered at the hands of prospect or client.

Here is the problem with treating sales people like shit.   Until you say “No Thanks, I’m not interested.” It’s the sales persons job to keep trying.  Good sales people don’t quit just because you ignore them.   For everyone person who doesn’t call them back or respond to their email because their not interested, there is a prospect who is just too busy and appreciates the persistence.   It’s not uncommon to have a prospect or customer say; “thanks for you’re persistence, I’ve been meaning to call you back, I’ve just been so busy.”  It happens a lot.

Here is my advice to prospects.  If you’re not interested, if you don’t want to be bothered by a persistent sales person.  Simply say; “No, thanks!” Yes, they may ask why.  They will look to uncover objections.  Just hold your ground.  Re-iterate your lack of interest and then move on.  That’s it.  A good sales person will take you off their list.  A bad sales person (a stupid sales person) may not get the hint and from all of us in sales who get it, be as much as a jerk as you want.  He/she deserves it.

What not to do.  Don’t be vague.  Don’t suggest it’s not the right time.   Don’t say; “I’ll get back to you if I have questions.”  Don’t say, “Send me information and I’ll take a look.”  Don’t say you’ll talk with your team.”  Anything other than no is an invitation for discussion and until that discussion is had, they will keep calling and they should.  Remember, it’s their job.

Every company loves the tenacious sales team.   We all want those people that push, have drive, don’t give up and get it done.  What’s ironic is most of us don’t like dealing with those very people.  The problem is, it’s not the sales persons fault it’s yours.   As the prospect, you control the discussion.  If you’re not interested just say no.  Anything else is an invitation to keep talking and if that bothers you blame yourself, don’t blame the sales person and stop being a jerk!

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