Does Your Sales Organization Suck?

. . . Or is it pretty good?

We all have a pretty good idea if our sales team is good or bad. Most of us just look at the numbers. If the team is making them, they are good. If they aren’t they need help. Assessing sales teams usually goes something like that. It’s the old “gut” check.

The problem with the “gut check” is it doesn’t give us much more information. The team is good or not, that’s all it tells us. What the gut doesn’t do is tell us why the team is good or not. It doesn’t tell us where the opportunities are to get better and grow, good or bad.

To give you more than a “GUT” feel we’ve created a sales organization assessment tool for you to get real insight into your sales organizations effectiveness and where its strengths and weaknesses are.

It’s free and only takes 10 minutes.

Go on, click here to take the assessment and find out how good your sales organization really is . . . and where you might be able to get just a little bit better:  A Sales Guy Sales Organization Effectiveness Assessment

Your gut will thank us!


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