Does Anyone Know How to Buy?

I friend of mine Larry owns a small manufacturing business here in Colorado. We talk a lot about politics, but the other day he sent me a message on Facebook that was about sales. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to share it with you. Larry’s on to something.

Been reflecting on “selling.” A topic you may want to explore, or maybe someone else already has. Instead of training on selling, shouldn’ there be a training on buying. Sales people should explore more why they buy, rather than how to sell. In manfufacturing we call it pull flow, or push flow. I know i put up resistance in any type of push flow. Maybe the pull flow is another tool you could explore and share. I can not think of a single industry training i’ve seen on how to buy, but the trainings on how to sell are everywhere.

Sharon Drew Morgan writes about this in her book, Dirty Little Secrets; Why Buyers Can’t Buy and Sellers Can’t Sell and What to do About It

Sales could gain a lot by focusing on how people buy and it’s impact on sales. Larry’s correct, we need more training on how to buy, not just selling.

I’m curious what this community thinks. ┬áDo we need more training and research in the area of buying?

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