Do You Suffer From Premature Explanation?


“If you’re clients are heavy Mac users you’re gonna love this feature.”

“If A/B testing is important to you, then your going to like this.”

“If you’re losing to the competition then we can help you gain share.”

“If defect rates are high, we can save you money.”

“If you’re network is suffering from latency we can resolve that issue.”

“If your AR are outstanding longer than 30 days our service can help you.”

“If you . . .

If you are are using “if” when you’re engaged with your prospects you suffer from premature explanation. Premature explanation is when you launch into your pitch without knowing your customers world. It means you’re throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks! Using “if” means you don’t know the answer and that means you aren’t selling to a problem. Using “if” means you have very little understanding of your prospects business and what their challenges are. It means you’ve jumped the gun. You started your pitch too soon. You showed up to the dance too early — crickets!!

Don’t suffer from premature explanation.

As a sales person, it’s your job to determine the answers before you start talking about your product, before you start your pitch, demo or present your offer.

“If” says to your prospect; “I have no idea what you need, how you run your business, what’s important to your success or what challenges, opportunities or problems you are facing.” Not knowing is NOT OK.

Slow down and get to know your prospect. Engage them, get them talking about them. Spend the time to learn about their business, what their goals are and how they deliver to their clients. Invest time in learning what’s important to them and what their vision of change is.

Taking time to get to know your prospect avoids premature explanation. When you know your customer and their business there is no need for “ifs.”

Suffering from premature explanation kills deals. Don’t be a deal killer.

The remedy for premature explanation — know before you go!

No blue pill required!