Do You Like to Consume Video?

As many of you have noticed, I’ve been doing A LOT more video. I’m obsessed with it. I think video tells a much better story. It’s taps so many more of our senses. It’s more fun and in many cases, easier to consume.

In spite of my obsession, I suck at it. Video is not easy. They take a lot of work. Unlike writing you can’t just sit down and put out a video. It takes time, it requires thought, editing, lighting, etc. Video is far more complex than writing, and the team and I are learning as we go.

I saw this video and thought it was great. It gave me more to think about regarding our video strategy. We follow Vidyard, they continually put out great content on how to get more out of video.

We’re going to keep trying to perfect video, but I’m curious what this community thinks. Do you like to consume video?  What type of video do you consume? What do you like to watch vs. what do you prefer to read?

I’d love everyone’s thoughts.