Do You Have The Grit of This Honey Badger

You’ve got to watch this video.  Not only is it cute, but this little shit is persistant. He just keeps coming and coming, not matter what his zoo keepers throw at him.

Persistence, determination, grit, stick-tuitiveness, or what ever you want to call it, is at the core of all successful people and sales people, good sales people personify it.

Stoffle (that’s the honey badgers name) can teach us all a few lessons;

1) Attitude is everything, Stoffle never gets mad or defeated, he just accepts his new challenge and moved on. This is the greatest opportunity for people to grow. All too often after a defeat, particularly at the hands of someone else, we become bitter and angry. We then turn ourselves into victims. Once that happen’s it’s over. Yeah, I know the little bugger is only a badger. Regardless, bitterness isn’t part of his world and it shouldn’t be part of ours.

2) Creativity makes the difference, Stoffle is always coming up with new and different ways to get out of his pen. No matter how much they change his surroundings, he finds another unique, creative way to free himself.

3) Tenacity and grit, in the end Stoffle just keeps going. It doesn’t matter whether he’s successful or not, he just keeps on trying and trying and trying. Stoffle never stops, he never quits, he is always looking for ways to get out of his pen. The crazy little bastard has incredible grit and determination, nothing gets between him and his goal.

If you’re in sales, this little guy can inspire you. If he doesn’t, you might want to consider a new profession.

If you’re curious on how gritty you are, you can take a Grit Test here.  Either way, grit matters.