Discarders vs. Reclaimers (and the middle that support them)

The Charity fundraiser deadline has past. We’ve raised $765.00. That is $235.00 short of our goal of $1000. Because I hate failing and because this is such an important cause, I’m going to extend the giving through today. I believe this community can get the $235.00 by tomorrow morning. If we hit our goal of $1000 with my match of 50% we will contribute $1,500 of the $18,000 the Saders are trying to raise. (Shit! This too important to fail. I’ll up my match to $800 if this community gets to $1,000, therefore contributing an even 10% to their goal)

As I’ve said before, I have never met the Saders. Rob is a regular here at A Sales Guy community and what he and his wife are doing is amazing. Their ability to give far exceeds mine. I have 3 healthy girls and know the work required. I could not imagine caring for 3 children with down syndrome. I admire their generosity and selflessness. It is amazing.

It is unfortunate that our world discards people; the old, the young, the poor, the weak, the different and the disabled. Because of this flaw our world contends with, it is a blessing this same world has reclaimers. The reclaimers, reclaim the discarded, the abandoned and the forgotten. Sadly, this group is smaller than the discarders. Their work is always bigger than the resources at their disposal.

This is where we come in. No, we aren’t discarders, yet most, if not all of us are not reclaimers either. Therefore our role is to support. As with all things in the middle, we have influence.

Reclaimers are unique in their commitment, passion and drive. What most of us see as impossible, they see as a calling. They don’t ask why, but why not? They don’t say they can’t but ask how they can. Most of us owe some part of our lives to reclaimers whether we know it or not. Reclaimers fight the battle for the rest of us.

Reclaimers, despite their strength and tenacity, need help. They need support. They are OK pulling the wagon and doing the hard work. But, they can’t do it alone and this is where the rest of us come in.

The Saders are reclaimers. They are doing the hard work. We are the supporters, let’s help them succeed. Reclaimers are too few. The world can’t afford to have them fail. Charity knows this better than anyone.

Please click on the ChipIn button in the right side bar and donate whatever you can. We are so close to our goal. (I had to create a new ChipIn campaign, because the old one expired and I couldn’t figure out how to extend it. So here it is, $235.00 to go. Let’s get it to zero.)

Thanks everyone, not to get all sappy on ya, but this poor kid deserves some love. Imagine what it would feel like sitting in a crib “hoping” enough people like us give $25, $50, $100 dollars so you could have a family that loved you. I know I would be praying everyday. What would YOU want YOU to do?

Regardless of what happens in the next 18 hours, I’m going to shut it down by 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and get the Saders the funds so the can plan the rest of their strategy to get Charity home.

Let’s get these special reclaimers 10% of their goal and more important 10% closer to giving Charity a home.

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