Did You Notice?

Today’s post in this weeks personal development series is by Lynne Hidy’s and plays on the skiing theme.  I’m 3 days into my bumps and jumps vacation, so I thought Lynne’s skiing themed post was perfect. I really like how Lynne breaks down many of the different elements in capturing opportunity.  This is a great post with a powerful message and sick insight.  Enjoy!



Although our favorite Sales Guy, Jim Keenan, is off learning to get killer air without being killed, I figured we might as well think about skiing while we worked. This picture was my last day for the season (April 21st and at Whiteface Mountain, if you’re interested).



I snapped this picture many lift rides up after I initially saw the image on the snow, with the sun bright and overhead a perfect shadow plus without anyone skiing down. Why am I sharing that?

First ride up – the image didn’t even register. I was thinking about what trail to take for my next run.

  • How often do we miss the clues to being better at our chosen craft because we aren’t paying attention?Instead we’re thinking about where we want the conversation to go – what question we need to ask next – or maybe even what we want for lunch. Make sure that you are paying attention, it is the first step to inspiration.

Second ride up – I actually noticed how cool the shadow was and as I got off the lift, thought; hey I should have taken a picture. Then started shredding my way down the slope and promptly forgot about it.

  • Has something cool grabbed your attention, for a moment – then it passed, you moved on, and never made sure you could or would use it (or even notice it) again?I’ll admit that on my book shelf is a binder from a training class I went to over 2-years ago. At the time the information was ground breaking for me…but by the time I returned to the office, life happened and I never did implement anything I had learned (perhaps I should open that binder now).

Add in two or three rides up in there when people were in the way of my vision! The shadow picture wasn’t as cool or compelling with actual people in it.

  • At times what we know will work for us is clouded or distracted by what other people think is important. Don’t let other people’s priorities or goals get in the way of your vision for your life or career. When other people start to share what we ‘should’ be doing, it is tough to not take their stuff on as our own.

Third ride up – I had a great conversation with a fellow skier and didn’t think it was right to grab my camera.

  • It is important to know what is important NOW.In our careers we need to think about the now and do what is right for us in the situation we find ourselves in. That doesn’t mean it is right forever, or even right tomorrow, instead those are decisions we need to make as we go alone.Although the picture I am sharing is cool, it isn’t better than a conversation with someone else who shares a passion for skiing with me. The same is true when we are having conversations on the phone (stop surfing the web or reading your email) and in person (don’t keep reading those text messages). Make sure you are present in the moment.

Fourth ride up – snap, I was looking for the perfect image, waited until the right moment, and captured it.

  • Life can be like that too, if we are looking for inspiration we typically find it.Don’t be blinded by distractions (other people’s or our own) make sure you are ready to capture that next cool thing you want to incorporate into your life. You get to decide what is important to you, what you want to keep, and what you’re going to let pass you by. Make sure you are consciously making those choices.

I hope Jim is shredding the slopes and learning some great new areal tricks on his vacation. I personally prefer to keep my skis on the snow and go FAST (top speed last season 70.2 mph according to my geeky Ski Tracks iPhone app). Even on the slopes there is room for all of us to do what we love!



Lynn Hidy founder of UpYourTeleSales.com, is the specialist at creating profitable telesales sales people and organizations. She knows you can make six figures over the phone – she does it!  Working with Lynn you will learn to create a phone experience where they will forget you aren’t actually having a cup of coffee together. In the winter, when not on the phone you’ll find her shredding at Whiteface Mountain.