Deliberate Learning

I’m a huge fan of learning.  Let’s skip the fact I was a shitty student and it took me forever to graduate from college, I do love learning.

A great deal of my learning comes from happenstance. I see something that interests me, I read it and I learn something. I have a good memory for ideas, memes, and thesis’s, so I retain a lot of what I read.

This year however, I’m committing to deliberate learning goal. I want to know more about a couple things. One of them is how people learn and problem solve. I’m feeling that the key to success is in problem solving and learning. Therefore, I want understand how that can improve sales and selling.

In 2013, I’m making a deliberate decision to learn as much as I can about learning and problem solving.

We can’t help but learn. We’re wired to learn, but we can be deliberate in choosing what we learn and depending on the motive of that choice it can make a huge difference.

What are you deliberately choosing to learn in 2013? I’d love to know.