Deliberate Inspiration


I’ve talked about deliberate learning a few times in the past few months. Deliberate learning is when we are conscious and deliberate in our learning. It’s when we seek out to learn something new. We don’t wait to learn as a part of our lives, but we actively chose to learn something specific, regularly.

Deliberate inspiration is similar.

Deliberate inspiration is when we actively search out stories, experiences and people who inspire us to do more, to excel. Inspiration is a real feeling. You feel it in your gut as it’s happening. You can feel the positive energy come over you as you are being inspired. For that moment, however fleeting or lasting it is, you feel like you can take on the world. Inspiration is an incredible powerful emotion that drives greatness.

The challenge isn’t becoming inspired as much as it is maintaining the inspiration. More often than not, inspiration is fleeting. It’s gone as quickly as it arrived on the scene. Whether it’s a movie, a news story, a seminar or a person you meet that inspires you, it’s not long before the feelings are gone and we’re back to our old, uninspired ways.

To stay fresh, to stay motivated and to stay inspired, deliberately look for inspiration. Find people, places, movies, TV shows, events, etc. that inspire you without failure. Be conscious of inspirational things around you. Schedule time to engage in inspirational situations. Be deliberate in being inspired regularly.

I’m almost always inspired by the biographies on the Biography Channel, especially when they are rags to riches stories. Almost every time I watch a biography of someone who overcame everything to achieve greatness or succeed in something the world said can’t be done, I’m ready to take on the world. I get inspired.

I purposely look to be inspired several times a week. I’m constantly looking to have that feeling pumped through my veins. The positivity that comes from inspiration changes my entire outlook and shapes my attitude for the better. The lows don’t seem as low. The opportunities seem endless and the feeling that success can be had is overwhelming.

There is too much negative energy in the world. There are too many voices telling us we can’t, that it’s impossible, that it’s not achievable. Yet, everyday people persevere. Use their success, their defiance of the odds, to your benefit. Seek out inspiration. Be deliberate in finding inspiration as often as you can.

Inspiration is fuel, don’t let it get too low.

Go be inspired!