Defense is No Offense

I’ve been hearing the phrase, “Thats not the way we do it here” a lot lately.

This phrase is used to defend against change. It’s our way of avoiding having to change or embrace an alternative.

The problem with defending what we do, is it keeps us from doing something new. It keeps us from having to change.

To change we have to look at doing things differently. We have to accept that what we’ve been doing may no longer be in our best interest.

This is hard.

Change opens us upto failure. It forces us to take a position. Taking positions exposes us to criticism and critique and that makes us uncomfortable.

To keep from being criticized and being uncomfortable we defend.

Defending wastes productive energy. It takes our focus away from improvemet and growth.

When we are on defence we’re not on offence.

The 2010 Social Media Marketing Industry Report says 90% of marketers use social media for marketing. What are the remaining 10% doing? They are defending. They are too busy explaining why their business is different and social median doesn’t apply. They are too focused on defending their current marketing approach rather than trying to improve on it.

Rather than be on the defensive, go on the offensive. Do “it” different. Take risks; fail. Pretend the status quo doesn’t exist. Ignore the defenders. Look forward.

Being on the defensive only keeps you from failing, it never wins. Being on the offensive, on the other hand, is how you win.

Now go win.