Conventional Wisdom

Conventional wisdom is just that, conventional. It’s our way of leveraging the tried and true. It’s proven. It’s reliable. It’s expected. Conventional wisdom tells us what has been successful. It protects us from mistakes. It allows people to avoid mistakes others have made in the past. It makes us feel good. It makes us feel safe. Conventional wisdom keeps us from losing.

Conventional wisdom doesn’t help us WIN.

Conventional wisdom is just that, conventional. It’s rooted in the past. It doesn’t accept the new. It ridicules the different or the alternative. Conventional wisdom rejects growth.

What is often forgotten is, conventional wisdom wasn’t always conventional. At one time it was new. It WAS an alternative. It was innovative. It didn’t rely on the past. It wasn’t safe. It didn’t protect us from mistakes. It wasn’t proven. It wasn’t tried and true.

Conventional wisdom is good tool until it becomes a weapon.

When you hear “That’s not how we do things.” “This is how we’ve always done it.” “That won’t work.” “Why would we do that.”; when rules and process are designed to keep the status quo, NOT promote change, conventional wisdom has become a weapon.

Conventional wisdom is good, until it becomes bad. To keep it good, just keep creating new conventional wisdom. Innovation is in the transition and innovation is the weapon you want.

It’s the weapon against conventional wisdom.

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