Collaborative Coaching

The other day, I came across a comment in a post. I found it interesting. The commentator was struggling with getting a prospect to make a decision in her favor. She was frustrated, as she felt she had a superior offer.

I thought it was a great case study, so I put it on this blog to get your opinions.

I wasn’t surprised to see the great responses you left in the comments. I think Toff has some good stuff to work with.

I’d like to do this again. With enough participation, I’d like to do it weekly.

Some of the readers of this blog are brilliant sales coaches, leaders and entrepreneurs. Others are sales newbies and others are in between. I love the idea of getting this great group of people working on a single idea, problem, challenge or issue.

If you have a current sales issue or challenge you want to get folks opinion on email me (keenan AT asalesguy dot com.) I’ll post it and let this group of geniuses have at it.

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