Chemistry Matters

I spent this past week in Sao Paulo Brazil with a new client. It was a packed week. We spent a lot of time identifying and prioritizing their growth opportunities.

The company is growing quickly and like most companies experiencing tremendous growth, they are struggling with growing pains.

I spent a lot of time with the team, especially with the frontline managers. They were a fun, smart, well connected team that truly enjoyed one another. Watching them interact and work together reminded me of some of the most successful sales teams I’ve experienced or been a part of. They had a great chemistry and sales teams with great chemistry win. — Period!

Sales teams with good chemistry gain what I call the “amplifying advantage.” Every positive thing they do is amplified. An amazing energy permeates the entire team. People work harder, sales seem easier and everyone is excited to be selling.

The most successful sales team I’ve ever been apart of had an amazing chemistry. We accomplished some unbelievable things. The team was the envy of the organization. I’ll never forget it. We crushed it. Then changes were made. The numbers fell and it was never the same. Once the chemistry was gone, the “amplifying advantage” was gone too.

I can’t think of a single sale leadership or sales management book I’ve ever read that talked about the importance of chemistry in a sales team. (If you aware of one let me know. Send me an email with the title and author.) It’s too bad there isn’t more emphasis on the importance of chemistry in sales because the evidence tells me that establishing chemistry within a sales team is one of the BEST things you can do to grow sales.

Sales teams with amazing chemistry sell more than those that don’t. It seems to me, working on the chemistry should be a key objective.

My client is pretty lucky, he’s been doing that for years and it’s making our work today that much easier.

What is the chemistry like on your team? If it’s not good, fix it! You’ll see a difference!