Charity Update

Only one week to go in the A Sales Guy Community charity (no pun intended, really! I’m not that cheesy.) effort. We started off with a bang, but have fizzled a little.

We have one week to go. I thought I would have the Sader’s say a little something.

It is pretty funny to look back on our lives and think about the ideas and plans you had for life in your teens and twenties. We do this often and we always chuckle because we never would have thought that we would be a couple that would have kids at all, let alone a few children that had special needs. Then to top it off, to have been blessed with the desire to adopt kids with special needs was likely the furthest thing we could have ever thought for ourselves.
But we believe that we have been specially prepared to take this road and to try to make even a small difference in the lives of those around us. We were struck a few years back with how dire the need is for children with special needs in a number of eastern European countries and just took a leap of faith to help even just one. Once we went through the first adoption and saw what we saw, we were changed forever and are now working our butts off everyday to educate, bring awareness and be a voice for who we believe to be the “Least of These” as the Bible talks about.
There is a saying that goes something like this, “How do you save 150 million Orphans in the world…. One at a time.” We believe that we all have a part and this is our part. To make a difference in one life, Charity. We won’t be able to save them all, but for one little girl, we can try to make a difference that will giver her a shot to be able to make an impact on our world, which is all any of us really ask for.

For those of you late to the party, we’re trying to raise $1,000 to help Rob and Dena Sader adopt Charity, a special needs child from Eastern Europe. Rob is a regular in this community. I’ve never met him, as I’ve never met most of you. But, like you, he is a valuable member of this community and I wanted to help him and his family. I’ve committed to match 50% of what is raised. I’d love to see us hit the goal.

To give, just click on the ChipIn button on the right side of this blog.

Here is to getting 800 more dollars by Friday!