Capability vs Execution

A friend of mine posted this on her Facebook page.

One day, when I’m wildly (or even just mildly) successful, I’m gonna blame my parents for tricking me into thinking I was capable. I mean thanks.

This was my response to her. I put it in a meme and post on Facebook.


Capability is useless without execution. Capability means nothing without doing. You can’t do anything without actually trying to do it. Getting wrapped up in the idea of whether or not one is “capable” is just wasted breath.

Capability is the result of your effort to actually get out there and try. The more you try, the more capable you are.

Who cares if you’re capable?

Care about whether or not you’re willing to keep failing, keep trying, and keep learning. If you’re capable of failing and getting back up. That’s all the capability you need.