Can You Simplify the Complex?

Can you simplify the complex?

Can you turn complex concepts into simple ones?

Can you explain the complex, complicated and difficult in simple, easy to understand, digestible pieces?

You should.

Sales is about helping people understand their options, it’s about helping them fully grasp their opportunities and if that’s too difficult to do, then you’re not selling as well as you could.

Too often sales people toss around industry jargon and acronyms rather than just saying it straight. They provide long winded answers to questions when a short and simple response is more than adequate. They run people through two hour demos, when a 15 minutes would have worked just fine. They show all the features, when showing only one would have done the job.

Don’t assume your buyers want to see every single feature your product has. Don’t treat your customers like they’re idiots and over explain. Don’t act as if your customers need their hands held. Instead, keep it simple. Boil things down to their simplest form. Avoid the circuitous route and take the straight line.

I know we’re supposed to educate, inform, and teach our customers, but that does’t mean we have to perplex the hell out of buyers.

Learn to win by simplifying the complex. Regardless of what you might think, being complex doesn’t make you look smart, it just confuses everyone.