Can You Sell Yourself?

I know you know you’re good at selling. But HOW do you know?

What makes you so good?

What is it specifically about how you sell that makes you so good?

What is your sales philosophy?

What is your sales approach?

What are your sales liabilities?

What makes your prospecting so good?

What makes your engagement skills so good?

What is about how you sell that makes you good, I mean really good?

Can you answer these questions and a host of others that describe your selling capabilities in a compelling manner? Are your answers unique and specific to you? Can you articulate your OWN specific approach to selling that makes you better than everyone else?

If your answers are you work harder than the next guy, that you build better relationships or that you have a passion for sales, you’re not good or you can’t articulate why you’re good.

I’ve interviewed hundreds of sales people in my day and few are very good at explaining why they are good and this is a problem.

If you’re good at selling, know why.

Don’t leave it for everyone else to figure it out.

Learn to sell yourself.