Bring Charity Home — Update

It’s been a week since I shared with this community the Sader Family story. I’m amazed at the response. It has been phenomenal. We are over 20% of the way to our goal in the first week. We’re on track for quota.

As I shared in the post last week, Rob Sader is an active member of this community and the father of two Down Syndrom girls. The Saders are looking to expand their family and are adopting an another daughter from Eastern Europe. Her name is Charity. Charity also has Down Syndrome. Children with Down Syndrom from former Soviet block are often neglected and lack a loving touch.

As you can see in the counter on the right we’ve raised $205 dollars to bring Charity home. I have agreed to match 50% of what this community raises.  If this community can reach quota we will be able to get the Saders just under 10% of their goal.

To those of you who have stepped up already, THANKS!!!!  It is much appreciated, we can’t thank you enough.

I’ve never used this blog to raise money or ask for support before. But, seeing the commitment of A Sales Guy community member to help those less fortunate made it a no brainer. Giving back and helping others is absolutely a reason to solicit help and the Sader’s are doing just that.

Any amount helps. We’ve got $795 dollars to go.  To donate and help get Charity home, just click the ChipIn button on the counter on the right and share what you can.

Thanks all!!!  I’ll update again next week.


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