Blogging, It’s an Investment

I saw this in my Twit stream today. It’s from @camplommer.

Blog on My Blog – Thinking about taking some time off from my blog to pursue some other things. That means I…

I left this in his comments:

Don’t stop. there is no upside, just downside.

Taking a break is a slippery slope. Maintaining a blog is the same as nurturing an asset like your 401K or your home. Keep investing, it will provide the returns.

Maintaining a blog is one of the most valueable things we can do today. It is the most progressive and comprehensive way to promote ourselves. In the past we talked about maintaing a network and its importance to our career. This still holds true, but it’s not enough anymore.

Maintaining a blog on a regular basis it like contributing to your 401K or taking care of your home. The more time and money you invest in it the the greater return it will provide.

By cultivating and managing a blog overtime, you slowly position yourself as an expert. You develop relationships with others who appreciate your content and share your passions. It strengthens the command of your expertise as a blog requires you find new content on a regular basis. It is difficult to blog regularly with stale, outdated information. A blog puts you in the center. It builds community and personal brand. It puts you on the proverbial Google map, by moving you up the search engines and increasing your GLOBAL (yes I said global) association with your topic.

The ability to position yourself at the center of your industry or trade once took writing a book, being a speaker or accomplishing something extraordinary. Now it takes nothing more than a steady, committed effort to a blog.

If you don’t blog, start. If you do, don’t stop. A blog will be the center of the asset of the future. It’s like any other investment. If you try to time the market you will lose. If you commit to managing it everyday over the long-haul you will win. Invest your time, effort and money and set realistic goals in your blog. It will return more than you put in.

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For those who need data and proof:

If you are an aspiring VC and applied to Union Square Venture’s two open job opportunities, you wouldn’t have a chance. Their first requirement; a strong online presence. USV job posting-

if you’d like to be considered, . . . Don’t upload a resume. Instead, share your LinkedIn profile and use the “cover letter” to provide links to your web presence

Notice the “Don’t upload a resume.” Wow! They may be the first, but they won’t be the last. More and more recruiters and companies are using search engines and social media to find AND vet candidates.

If you’re relying on your resume, ask yourself . . . why?

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