Better not Great

The goal should be better. Not great.

Great is an end game. Once achieved, it’s over. Then what?

Better is infinite. It’s not a static. It can be achieved, but once achieved it calls out to be achieved again. Better is continuous.

I’ve met a lot of great sales people. They know they are great. But, they really aren’t, because they aren’t trying to get better. “I’ve been doing this for years.” “I know this stuff.” “What can some blog teach me.” “I’ve read all the books, there is nothing new.” These are the sayings of the great. Of course, because they’ve arrived. They will make their numbers, they will be one of the best on the team. They’re great, remember.

Those who think they are great rarely get better.

I am a good skier. I’ve been doing it for years. I’m a PSIA Level 2 Certified ski¬†instructor. To almost every person on the mountain I’m a great skier. Not to me. Between this year and last year, I crossed a chasm. I changed something in my skiing that has taken me to an entirely different level. I’ve gotten better. I’m 44 in April and I ski better now than I’ve ever skied in my life. I ski faster and more in control. I can ski more terrain. I can ski it better and more aggressively. It was a frickin’ awesome feeling to cross the chasm and get to the next level. It took a long time. It was hard. I wondered sometimes if I was going to be able to do it. Today, I am a better skier than I have ever been in my life.

(This video was taken when I was 38, 6 years ago. When I look at it now, I cringe. I see all the mistakes and flaws. I’ll put up a new one soon and we’ll see if you can tell a difference)

Am I a great skier now? NO! ¬†Thank god, that would mean my journey is over. I’m a better skier and that is awesome. It means my next journey is just beginning. I’m going to get even better.

Are you a great sales person? If so, I am sorry.

Are you a better sales person? No? Then start now. If yes, great! Enjoy it for the day. Because tomorrow, you’re new goal kicks in. — Getting better!


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