Being Different




We’re afraid to be different.

Yet different is what get’s us noticed.

Different is new.

Different is unique.

Different has value.

Different requires thought, connection, and awareness. You can’t cruise control yourself to different.

We, the world, doesn’t need more sameness. We need more difference.

The world needs different ideas, different approaches, different methodologies, different people, different companies, different solutions, different anything, different everything.

We have a lot of different companies in name, but in name only. Peel back the layers and more often than not, they are all the same. More of the same with a thin veneer of difference. It’s rare when a difference  is truly present.

We need difference, but difference is hard.

It makes us uncomfortable.

We fear the attention.

We fear the judgement.

We have a love-hate with being different. We praise some difference while vilifying others. We demand new, different, unique ideas, but blast them when perceived as  too different or not different in the right way.

Being different is hard, but fuck em.

The more different you can be, the more acceptable you’ll be of difference, and that’s when the party starts.

There is FAR more value in being different than there is in being the same and the world revolves around value.

Be different, don’t cover yourself.

We need more different.